How can Syria be resolved? National Leaders around the World are pondering and discussing with each other and their own people. David Cameron consulted his parliament but a lot of the opposition double crossed him at the last moment to win political points and voted against any form of strike. I think that in the end they made the correct choice for the majority of the British People but lost a lot of credibility. France seem to be the most warlike with the USA following the UK by also deciding to check with congress in the chemical weapon .

Assad is denying any involvement in the incidents blaming the terrorists some of whom, I believe, are capable of mass murder of civilians to try and get other Countries to oust Assad and let them in. Intelligence ‘proves’ the Assad Regime did it but, because of previous miscalculations intelligence is not trusted.

There is so much in fighting with all the Arab Nations, Tribes, Terrorist groups and gangs that whatever the Western World does, apart from aid, they will be ‘wrong’.

Obviously the West will already have their plans in place for every option from general bombing sorties to economic measures and probably a hit on Assad. The USA will probably do a token gesture bombing raid to appease the minority but not enough to make any difference to the long term outcome.

I think the whole World, apart from the Syrian victims, want to let them all get on with it, however, various Nations want to be seen to be talking tough and giving out threats. I am afraid I agree with this course of action. As time passes the only people left in Syria will be the fighters. The West will be helping the opposition regime in secret ways and hoping the other terrorists don’t start getting on top, at this stage there will be more drastic action. Assad will eventually be toppled and publically executed like Sadam or run to another Country where he will live in fear. Syria will then start to settle down with a few thousand victims each year of car bombs and such.

In about 2/3 years we will be concentrating on Pakistan?

What do you think?



One thought on “Syria

  1. I completely agree with your last paragraph, this is a time for certain nations to show their strengths. Not unlike a playground fight. Talking tough and making threats might be enough in this instance to bring a countries’ fear factor up, which I’m sure is an intention of many, particularly with future conflicts which are clearly inevitable.

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