Association Of British Investigators

Have you heard of the ABI? The Association Of British Investigators.

After 30 years in the Police ending as a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard I thought it would be easy to work as a Private Investigator but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I can do the same work and now that my company is well established with excellent back up staff, I was sailing along quite happily with the number of clients building. About two years ago I heard about the ABI and asked to join. They gave me probationary status! This put my nose out of joint I can tell you. Since then I have been studying hard with the help of books purchased through the organisation.

Fortunately for me I have always acted in an ethical manner, no lies or deceits, no stealing from peoples dustbins, no threats or tricks to get people to pay their debts etc. I now realise that the Law is catching up with dodgy PI’s and the people paying them knowing what is going on. Luckily I have quite a vaste knowledge of the Criminal Law so I only have to learn about 20 Civil Laws and Stated Cases plus lots of rules and advice before my interview in October.

The ABI is the only such organisation to be recognised by the Law Society and it’s members will be up the front when the British Government Licence PI’s. I advise anyone who wants a PI to either come to me or to the ABI


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