Witness Confident

I received information today about a great idea that is free!

The Government, and everyone else I suppose are concerned that about 400,000  crimes each year go unreported mainly because of the hassle in doing so, the fear of not being believed or perhaps being made look a liar when giving evidence in Court.

A charity has been set up and it gives way a free app. to anyone who wants to down load it on their smartphone. Just go to www.witnessconfident.org  When a crime happens which you witness you can put the details on the phone and report it straight to the Police. This could include photos of injuries to you or someone else, evidence of damage, suspects, vehicle involved and any other useful points.

I don’t suppose the Police will attend any quicker to investigate the crime but you will have validated evidence. It will show where you were and when you were there plus indisputable evidence of what you saw. This will help if you have to make a witness statement and may even be shown in Court if you want to give evidence. This will cause defence barristers problems. Gone are the old questions ‘I put it to you that you were not standing where you said you were, you were much further away (or not even there)’ ‘I put it to you that the injuries and torn clothes were self inflicted later’  ‘You made a mistake, my client was miles away in a pub with his friends’ and it goes on.

I suppose if 400,000 more crimes were reported because witnesses felt more confident it would cause investigative problems but as 90% of crimes are committed by 10% of the population you will be helping to catch repeat criminals some of which are committing 4 or 5 offences each day. This means that those offences are not committed when they are locked up or deterred.

This is a great initiative and I repeat it is free.


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