Further to my comments yesterday under this heading it has been reported today that a Muslim School in East London is requiring 11 year old girls to wear Niqab’s as the school uniform.

I feel like adding lots more but this has fairly shocked me. I am against all faith School’s albeit my kids go to a Catholic School. Faith has nothing to do with education. Making kids wear niqab’s is surely the same principle as stopping people wearing niqab’s.

I worked as the head of Detectives in that part of the East End and saw it develop from a busy docklands area to a mainly slum neighbourhood virtually full of Muslims. I’m not really against this but the few non muslims living there have to put up with loudspeakers from mosques, street names changed from English to other languages (I think in Pakistani) and worst of all abuse of woman and girls by young muslim men. Most females will not go out unless necessary at any time to avoid this behaviour.



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