Now we know the Defendant at Preston Crown Court was not fearing kidnap from marauding gangs. 1000 years ago the most beautiful women covered themselves up to prevent them being identified as worth taking away thus starting the present day trend of niqabs and other coverings. She is a miserable looking, scowling, chubby faced THIEF who would be thrown back by the gang if they took her by mistake. She is certainly not beautiful or desired even in prison, I think she will be safe from the lesbians there.

Shaheda Lorgat was found guilty of a series of thefts and sentenced to twelve Months imprisonment yesterday. Her photograph is shown in the newspapers, one photograph is her ‘mugshot’ and another of her previously outside Court all covered up. I prefer the latter photograph.

Can I ask the nice lady to keep her niqab on whenever in public to protect us from looking at such a person. This will be one of the few times I support the wearing of such a garment.

When I worked as the head of the CID at a Central London Police Station the supporters of various groups, gay, lesbian, this nationality or that, would often appear outside with banners demanding justice for the prisoner normally in a genuine attempt to ensure justice was done. Once they realised what the person had been up to they generally disappeared. I hope this is the case in this instance, they will not want to be associated with such a person


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