Robbery at knifepoint

My local newspaper put a video on Apical’s facebook page, of a robbery in a small supermarket. A woman with her face covered produced a large knife and tried to steal cash. he wouldn’t give it to her and got a bad hand wound in the resulting skirmish. the woman later got 6 years imprisonment. He was asked later why he didn’t punch her and replied ‘I have been brought up not to hit women’.

These Asians are a hardy lot. I remember once when working as a Detective in East London, dealing with a robbery in a similar shop when one of the staff got badly wounded. The paramedics arrived and performed open heart surgery on the counter top, there was blood everywhere. Customers were still coming in and the shopkeeper continued to serve them often leaning over the top of his stricken colleague to take cash. I had to put a stop to it.

I give advice and lectures to shopkeepers and publicans on crime prevention and security including advice on the location of the till, putting stacks of goods in  chicane fashion so the thief could not run straight out, panic buttons, cameras etc. I feel sorry for the small business people who cannot afford this and are vulnerable every day. I get them to build their counter higher with distance between them and the thief, putting in dummy cameras and alarms and to keep a weapon behind the counter as it is legal in this instance. One garage had a metal cage built that he locked himself in and got his takings away safely before he came out, he didn’t have safety screens but it was knifeproof.

Good luck to these people who face danger on a daily basis in Inner Cities.


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