The new World police service Russia and Iran are remaining quiet on the Africa problem.

Everyone knew Africa would be the main hotspot for the future but the Arab spring popped up and pushed Africa onto the back burner.

Somali militants have joined al-shabab (The Youth) and al-Qaeda to fight legitimate Governments in Africa and so we see the latest outrage in Nairobi as the latest statement although nearly over as I speak.

al-shabab are the main group in Nairobi. They are the ones that advocate stoning to death of women and amputating limbs of thieves. What punishment should they give themselves for such crimes?

Anyway, I’m glad to see America, Israel, Britain and others are in Kenya to help out but perhaps we should call on Russia and Iran to help. These fanatical Islamic terrorists want to kill all ‘non believers’ and once they get a firm grip of soft Countries like Britain they will turn their attention to the rest of the World including Russia and Iran.

As a detective I am a believer in Crime Prevention over Detection. How can you prevent such people from killing us? Education Education Education. We must support the residents with food and employment and ensure they are aware the rest of the World is with them by teaching. Do not try to convert anyone to other religions let them make their own choices in years to come.


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