I’m told by colleagues in the Kent Police that there are some scammers stealing money from old or vulnerable people. They phone up saying the persons card has been found on a criminal (or some other story) and try to get the pin number and as much information as possible. If the person doesn’t give all details the scammer asks them to phone their bank. The scammer then connects his intercept to the line and pretends to be from the bank and gets what they need.

The Police tell you never to reveal your pin number or other details but despite knowing this a lot of people fall victim to these thieves.

I remember how bad this feels. I was in the middle of a surveillance operation in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds when the target stayed in a hotel overnight and I had to do the same. My card was declined because there was no money in my account. Somebody had purchased two expensive items the day before and cleared me out. I know in my mind that a hotel in Preston where I stayed the previous week probably had a thief working there who had stolen my identity. As in most cases the bank don’t even bother to investigate they just pay up.

In this instance it was embarrassing  because I could tell nobody believed me they just thought I was trying it on. It took ages to get some money put into the account.


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