One of the worst plea bargaining  cases I have heard of. They ‘let him off’ with a manslaughter charge.

I won’t mention this blokes name but he has 23 convictions mainly for assault. He was on licence from prison for beating up an innocent man then ‘interfering with a witness’ when he beat the same person up again before the trial. More recently he went into a kebab shop and punched a customer a few times. He left, then returned to finish the job, the man’s head flew back so sharply that he burst an artery and died. The attacker is a useless piece of scum. He has never worked, has been  bully and thief all of his life and will continue that lifestyle until he dies, hopefully quite young.

Is this a man who should have been locked up for life for the ‘murder’?  The Judge knew his history and new that if he accepted a manslaughter plea (accident) he would have to sentence him to a few years in prison. To save the Courts time in my opinion, he did not let it go to  Jury to decide if it was murder but took the manslaughter plea and gave him eight years in prison where he will serve 4. What happens after this? Who is his next victim? I hope it is the Judge or the Barrister, but I don’t suppose they go to Kebab shops in Dartford Kent.


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