Thinking of going to the Maldives for your holiday? These lovely Islands with gentle people waiting to welcome you with flower garlands and music. I would love to go there but it’s unlikely firstly because of the cost and secondly because of the draconian laws the Muslim Government enforce.

The latest is a 15 year old girl sentenced to 100 lashes for being raped. She was the victim a child, raped by a family member. And the rapist? No investigation of him. Do not get raped ladies or you might suffer the same fate. As for the men, you can do what you want. They even stone people to death. It took a petition signed by two million people before they dropped the charge against the child and only then because they thought it might affect the tourist industry.

How about these facts.

92% of the residents want to reform the law to protect women. 73% are against the punishment of women for sexual ‘offences’ like being assaulted or raped. 1 in 3 women aged between 15 and 49 have suffered physical or sexual abuse. 9 out of 10 floggings were of women. And what about this one…how many men have been convicted of rape over the last seven years? NONE!!

I think they should take the example from Texas. A man came home to find his neighbour sexually assaulting his 5 year old child, he killed that man. Maldives would probably have flogged the child. Texas law permits the use of deadly force in order to prevent sexual assault. They didn’t even arrest him. Well done to Texas, I think we will go there for our holiday next year.


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