Someone came to me the other day for advice on home security. They had previously gone to another company and been quoted an extortionate amount of money. I had a look and it was immediately apparent they had been given a ‘Rolls Royce’ survey and quote. There is no need for an average person to be surrounded by cameras and alarms, you must take into account the possible risk plus the financial position of the customer. In this case she was frightened of being burgled but local crime statistics show there was little chance of this. She wouldn’t really look at the cameras all the time to see if anyone was coming and, in my experience, photos are generally blurred or dark and of little use to the Police.

What she needed was advice on clearing back her shrubbery hiding her front door, thorny bushes where someone could climb the fence, a light that came on when someone came close, the phone number of the local Police, joining the neighbourhood watch association and she has always wanted a dog! what better alarm (if you choose the right one). there are many other points I raised with her but so far she had very little cost. She was at home most of the time so she opted not to have an alarm.

Queries to some companies often result in huge quotes fuelled by comments to put fear into the client.

I always give free advice including surveys, whether it be Crime Prevention at home or work, safety of women, kidnap advice, surveillance/anti surveillance, assistance to those accused of crimes, local disorder, tracing people, serving documents and even advice to pilots if under investigation by the Aviation Authorities as I have extensive experience  in the UK and America.


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