Gurkhas are such great men. They have fought with our soldiers for many years declaring their love for our Queen. They are strong, extremely fit and vicious fighters but also such nice people, quiet and unassuming. They have too many attributes to list at this moment.

I am lucky to live fairly close to their Regiment base in Folkestone Kent and often see them out running with full kit. (By the way there is no secret about their location because there are so many reports of their bravery in the National and Local media). Whenever I spot them I give a wave and often when I’m walking they might run past and I stop to clap. I was in a local shop when a Nepal man aged about 20 came in, he was wearing his metal legs and not in uniform. I just stared at him and rather stupidly asked if he was a soldier, he said he was. I looked into his eyes and my tears started welling up so I turned away. I hope he knew I had respect and wasn’t just some nosey idiot.

The latest hero in the long line of great men has just received his medal. He was on guard when the Taliban attacked, a bullet hit his helmet and knocked him ten feet to the ground and he lost his gun, a hand grenade was thrown at him but he kicked it away. He then took on the enemy with his knife, hand to hand, stabbing and slashing arms and legs he forced them away until his comrades came to help. A photograph of the Gurkha shows him as a young pleasant looking man who you would hardly notice in the Street.

When I think of my 30 year Police career I was often scared particularly when following gangsters even though I was armed. It’s funny but my main fear was ‘could I actually shoot someone and how would it affect me if I did’. Put that against what this man and his comrades do.

They make great bodyguards when they finish their service, they will take a bullet for any employer and are much in demand.

OK a prayer for them…



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