Private Detective

I was just reading about an expensive course which teaches you to be a private detective after a year.

Apparently everything will change ‘when you walk down a street a white van will look out of place’ ‘you will see a woman crying’  ‘a man loitering will stand out to you’  everyone else is just walking by without seeing these things.   Actually it is a bit like that, you do notice lots of things that others don’t seem to notice and you talk to someone while noticing other movements out of the corner of your eye. However, after 30 years experience, you quickly sum up and dismiss out of place incidents.

Surveillance is an art. After a 16 week course and ‘on the job training’ working with London’s finest surveillance teams I became good at the job after 2 or 3 years and went on to train others. I studied law and criminal tactics throughout, spoke to thousands of criminals and Detectives, saw hundreds of dead bodies dissected, devised strategies and operations, managed experienced staff. Is this enough to be a Private Detective? No. Now I have an exam coming up, Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and others all connected to Civil Law as opposed to Criminal Law . Once I pass the exam I will continue working with my friend Michael at Graphic Cell Creative to make my website stand out from others and do  better job than my competitors.

That’s how to become a private detective

Be careful out there


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