Chief Whip Police abuser?

The Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell abused Police and called them plebs according to the Officers on the gate at 10 Downing Street.

The Chief Whip has to ensure MP’s vote ‘correctly’ according to Government argument at that time. I have been dead against that for a long time. MP’s are voted in to put forward the points of view of their local voters so they should vote according to their conscience not what they are forced to do. You get all the Labour MP’s voting one way and the Conservatives the other with the few remaining ones also block voting. Surely this is wrong otherwise they wouldn’t need people like Mitchell to force them to vote against their principles.

Anyway, back to the story, Mitchell came out of Number 10 and wanted the uniformed bobbies to open big gate for him but they asked him to leave via the smaller side gate. Mitchell admits swearing at them, he is used to this behaviour and no doubt swears at everyone including Police Officers on previous occasions.

The officers said he swore and called them ‘Plebs’ and they reported him. In my opinion as educated guesswork, he probably had it coming. The officers probably knew about his previous behaviour and decided enough was enough. other officers, over a cup of tea, discuss these sort of things. Why should they put up with this scumbag swearing at them?  Anyway he said they invented the fact that he used the word ‘pleb’, which is a term such posh people do use. He won’t say exactly what he did say obviously because it is so vile and the word pleb would be insignificant. As I said he admits swearing at the officers but denies the word pleb but this has now gone viral, the Independent Complaints Authority, three Chief Constables, the Police Federation and even David Cameron have been involved.

What a waste of time. They are saying the officers tried to attack the Government but I bet they just wanted him to be told off and not swear at them in the future.

Get a life everyone!


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