My friend has just been robbed.

He owns a betting shop, two masked men came in at about 6pm wearing masks while carrying an axe and a knife. He gave them money but when they tried to get more he attacked one of them with a chair causing them both to run away. It was really brave, I saw the incident on his recording, he was on his own, he is not young and they were fit, frightening people.

I feel quite guilty in a way because I asked him about three weeks ago if he was worried about robbery, he gave a vague answer about the major chain shops being targeted but as he was a single shop who didn’t advertise the London robbers wouldn’t know about him. I just let it go, somehow thinking he knew best, but really he was more likely to be attacked because he didn’t have any security whatsoever. I have now given him the full run down on what is required but I don’t think he is going to do anything. Low cost measures would be a panic alarm that sets of  very loud bell or siren, some of these are so loud it is impossible to stay on the premises. A guard dog behind the counter and extended hours for one member of staff. He won’t go for screens or other expensive equipment and there are often repeat offences under these circumstances so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

One of my roles is to give shopkeepers advice on security and this happens.



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