Child kidnappig

Who would have thought it? The Roma Gypsies in Greece have  stolen baby and then they find another little blonde girl with another Roma family in Ireland. Suddenly everyone is thinking that all Roma families should be searched for stolen babies and in particular Maddie.

Tonight they announce after DNA tests that the Roma woman is the real Mother of the child in Irelend. All armchair detectives are now deflated, they can hardly believe it because the blonde child looks nothing like the rest of the family.

This reminds me of my early days as a Bobby in London. Black people were all guilty according to quite a few Officers, there were a lot of racist comments and targeting of black people for no real reasons.  Does anyone remember the ‘Sus’ laws? A person was a ‘suspected person’ if he was seen to commit something suspicious for example trying a car door. He then had to do some other similar act then on the third one he could be arrested and could end up in prison. Many black people were arrested for Sus and subsequently found not guilty. Eventually they got rid of that law.

Many Officers thought that black people must be guilty of something so (I am told) they ‘gilded the lily’ and arrests were wrongly made. I wonder how many people wanted to storm into Roma Gypsy camps and take away blonde children? Although they don’t seem to fit in to our society we must keep ourselves in check and not get carried away (as the Germans did). Society is changing and we must bob and weave to keep up with it. Don’t let racial issues, health tourism, benefit claimants and suchlike cause you to worry because the authorities are getting on top of it albeit slowly.

Concentrate on your own crime prevention tactics, get advice on security of premises and personal, avoid trouble areas and people with that look in their eye. A list of safeguards can be thought up for any circumstances and solutions found.

Dixon of Dock Green, Sergeant Dixon was the star of a fictitious Police TV programme quite a few years ago. At the end of each programme his trustworthy friendly face would beam into the camera, he would smile, salute and say ‘be careful out there’ and that’s still good advice.


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