Stolen property

Today a Romanian Man was sent down for a lot of burglaries because the owner of an i pad downloaded a ‘find my i pad’ ap. and it was found by Police at the thief’s address

It’s ridiculous to think that we all don’t put such an ap. on our equipment. I’m starting to do our family electricals and If I can do it anybody can. For years in the Police if I needed anything, there was always an expert to give willing advice. Now I have to do things myself and I advise everyone to do the same, it’s easy. It’s not only when the item is stolen, you may have left it at a friends house or it is at home somewhere, at least it stops your fears if you know it’s not stolen. The I pad will lock and display a telephone number for the finder to contact you on.

Great stuff. Let’s catch a few more thieves red handed.


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