The Pigs are getting fat

We are very busy at the moment mainly with surveillance work and tracing someone. Offers of work in Spain, Poland and Malta have been declined although I must say I was tempted by Spain at this time of the year with a massive storm approaching the UK.

Christmas is coming, as my dear old Dad (who spent his life working on the River Thames) used to say ‘time and tide wait for no man’ and  so the weeks leading up to  Christmas fly by, the thieves get to work and domestic violence is more common. Christmas presents get stolen quite a lot as most burglaries are committed by youngsters and arguments start indoors because partners are both at home during the break getting on each others nerves. It’s also a difficult time for those going out celebrating, I recommend a rape alarm, they are very cheap and also look after phones and handbags in the pubs and clubs.

However there are some good bits of Christmas to enjoy and we have Halloween and Firework night before then.

Be careful out there.


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