Credit Cards Frauds

I’m getting more reports about credit/debit card scams.

It’s almost the same as I reported a Month or so ago but slightly more sophisticated. Someone will ring to say your card has been cloned and is being used. They often manage to get from you the type of cad ie. Halifax Visa.They reassure you that any money taken out will be repaid by the bank and could you phone them back to verify their identity at the Halifax. A number is given which  looks good, they give different numbers but it might be something like 0207 (London central) 555 2000 or they may invite you to phone the number on the back of your card. Of course when you phone either of those numbers they are holding the line so you get another member of the gang answering. During your report they will ask for your details to verify they are talking to the genuine person and many people give them everything after which their account is plundered.

Be careful out there.


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