Interesting Detective techniques

I have been talking to a quite amazing Private Detective who opened my eyes to a new World. For many years I have been conducting surveillance operations. They normally start at an unearthly hour to ensure the person hasn’t let before you stake the place out. Once the whole team hung around for 12 hours not knowing if the bloke was even at home, we eventually saw him leave (and lost him soon after!). The man I met recently asked me why I didn’t get the name of the previous tenant, get the house phone number and ring up asking for him, at least we would have known the target or someone was indoors. I couldn’t work out how he could get this information, he showed me, it’s legal and easy to navigate around once you know how. This was just one of the many tricks he showed me.

Have a look at and scroll to favourites where you will find a list of intelligence gathering websites. The art is picking out clues from one website and adding bits from another. It’s legal but only UK based. I’m going on a course soon to train up in this art. Previously in the Police we had excellent resources where many Government computers were linked, I would normally just ask an officer to find a target and the information would soon come back to me but now I am out of that World I have to do it myself.

An interesting life. Call me if you want free advice on criminal matters.


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