I notice Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed (MAM) is still at large. The suspected Terrorist was being followed/monitored whilst on bail. He went into a mosque and escaped wearing woman’s clothes.

Years ago I spoke to a pensioner Copper whom I used to visit at an old peoples home. He was blinded at the age of 30 by a German bomb in London. He told me all sorts of stories about Policing in the old days without radios and on foot, only the Sergeant had transport but on the odd special occasion he was allowed to ride his bike on duty. He had to wear his uniform to and fro work.

But anyway, back to the story, this Coppers job was to arrest Germans living in his area during the Second World War. He knew some of them who were often nice, hardworking people but regarded as the enemy so had to go to concentration camps. I think that was necessary action. Also vital was the locking up of known Irish Terrorists in the Sixties. Every day in prison saved the lives of innocent people and prevented bank robberies, drug dealing and other major crimes.

I’m not sure about this but I think there should be a serious debate about locking up some of the latest terrorists like MAM without trial. He is clearly an enemy of the state but his ‘Human rights’ protect him. In my opinion we should trust MI5 and MI6 much more than we do, they should be able to name certain terrorists and they get detained. I know it is a hot potato but the Americans are doing it in Guantanamo and facing down their critics. Just think how many lives this has saved, how many children have not lost limbs from their indiscriminate bombs.

I know it’s far away from that but as a Senior Detective in London part of my job was to arrest burglars and drug dealers. We knew who they were but had to catch them committing the crime. Some burglars were thieving two or three times a day, destroying people’s lives in some cases. Informants, intelligence, and technical assistance told us what was going on and when the person was locked up the crime rate in that area plummeted. Should not there be a panel of responsible people set up who could hear all the sensitive facts and order that person to be locked up? Perhaps for a few weeks.

The Secret State? Big Brother? I agree with it in certain circumstances because it would prevent crime. So long as the prisoners were not abused or tortured. What about MAM? A surveillance team were monitoring him. I won’t say anything about the size of such teams or their tactics but these brilliant people could be well used in other areas rather than monitor the likes of MAM and people like him, 24 hours a day. I also don’t know the information on MAM but I bet if he was up before ‘The Panel’ they would have certainly locked him up.

Slightly radical



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