Beware of Fraudsters

I have a good friend who has a relation who has the first name Mathew. This man is a laugh a minute, happy, helpful, kind looking and looks you in the eye when talking to you and leads a very modest lifestyle.

Today I read in the newspaper that he has gone to prison after pleading guilty to stealing £2 million. Mathew and his female bank manager accomplice worked a Ponzi scheme whereby they promise huge Monthly interest payments on investments. The interest payments come from new investors. It works well until someone asks for their initial outlay back and there is no money available in the kitty it has all been spent or salted away. This has badly damaged savers some of whom have lost their life savings or pension money.

You never know do you? It’s a bit like peodophiles, they worm their way into your family giving great praise about your children and then look what happens.

Do not trust anyone until 100% sure.


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