Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice is a massive, very old Courthouse situated in The Strand fairly near Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square in Central London. There are about 100 separate Court Rooms within. The building has lots of turrets and old winding stone staircases. You can imagine yourself in Victorian times when standing in one of the big halls in front of a massive stone fireplace. The old Judges and wigged Counsel are standing around or having little meetings reminiscent of a hundred years ago. The Courts deal with appeals against prison sentence or immigration disputes at the highest level, famous people have their divorces there and judgements are made costing people millions plus many other unusual and high profile cases, all very interesting

Today I was bodyguard to a man who is trying to get a famous person to face trial for defaming him and lying to send him to prison. As normal there were a lot of photographers outside hoping to get the £5000 picture. The person I was with also had to pose whilst I kept lookout, something like those protecting the President of the USA, (well not quite) but I decided that I would take a bullet for him if necessary. He has been involved in a few incidents not necessarily the guy he is accusing but perhaps friends of his, it’s a long and interesting story, he is writing a book and hopes for a film.

Nothing happened I’m pleased to say and the Three Judges dealing with the application will make a decision in a couple of weeks.

Back home to the normal life with the family trying to get the kids to bed when they don’t want to go.


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