IT’S UNFAIR ON MEN (Dan Crawley)

I’m not talking about the rights of men to see their children after divorce which is often abused by the Mother but the way women are given softer sentences in Courts.

I recently mentioned a contact of mine that was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a major fraud. I think I agree with this sentence because he took money from friends and relatives (not me luckily) also elderly people lost their life’s savings and pension pots. The reason I am writing this is to point out that his co thief, his Sister In Law, only got 5 years. She was involved as much as him, she was an ex bank manager who got the trust of people and took an equal share of the money.

Why did she only get 5 years? It’s because she is a woman purely that. I say this because I have seen many female criminals over the years sentenced to much less than they deserve. For example I have been involved with some murders of their partners by vicious women. They often say they have been abused and pushed to their limits but this is not generally the case, they are often drunken/drug taking people who have that defence suggested to them by their legal team. This is often done so that there is not a guilty plea by the woman but a costly trial whereby the Solicitors and Barristers make a lot of money. Sure there was an argument which on this occasion may have been started by the man but what about the numerous arguments started by the woman causing him to injure or kill her? I don’t think I have ever heard of this type of defence put forward by a man and if it were then I’m sure the jury wouldn’t believe him. It’s always (in my experience) the woman that gets found not guilty or gets a very light sentence.

It’s virtually impossible to get any statistics in such cases but I can assure you that there are many murderers walking around out there ad if they have a trial and the jury find them ‘not guilty’ the person often says ‘I was proved innocent’ which is not the case. Juries should be able to return verdicts of ‘guilty’ ‘not guilty’ or ‘not proven’ .

Watch out for the murderers out there. There’s one behind you ‘Oh no there isn’t’  ‘Oh yes there is’. Have you booked your pantomime seats yet?


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