Euthanasia V Hanging which one is best?

Mr.Snape and Mr.Powsey, sounds like people out of a Dickens book. You can imagine a couple of dirty vagabonds hanging around dark alleys with cudgel to beat and rob the local gentry and steal their fob watch. Eventually they would get caught drunk somewhere, go to the Old Bailey and hung. I don’t think anyone missed them, their wife’s were probably beaten and the children prostitutes. which was very  common in Victorian times.

Mr. S and Mr. P are modern day street thieves. This time they robbed some shopkeepers and managed to steal a total of £30,000. They have been sentenced to 23 years imprisonment because they had many previous convictions. There are two points:-

a) Was it worth it? £15,000 each. My experience with armed robbers is fairly extensive, they steal about £10,000 and go on holiday for a Month then come back broke aching for the good life, they rob a few more times and get caught followed by lengthy imprisonment.

b) Hang S & P? A lot of people would agree. At least they should be treated so they can’t have children because they are normally trouble to everyone from a young age. Three strikes and out, three convictions and no more kids.  The times are often where children of criminal have no fear of the law and prison because their parents laugh openly about the system even though secretly they are scared.

What do you think?


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