Immigration. The big picture (Dan Crawley)

On January 1st. 2014 Bulgarians and Romanians will be entitled to come to the United Kingdom freely to work. We are all holding our breath wondering what problems this will bring us. Crime, Doctor’s surgeries and Schools overwhelmed, a lack of housing, stealing. homelessness, cheap labour on the black market, money from the Government (us) for nothing and more problems.. but what benefits do they bring? My Mother was a Lithuanian immigrant with her parents and siblings in the early part of the Century, they would have been murdered if they had stayed in their own Country. They all worked and my Mother became a very good Nurse, they paid their taxes for many years and brought up children that did the same and also played an important part in the community, two fingers up to those people who gave them a very hard time when they came here.

I hope people in Government have got their finger on the pulse and worked out that these people will eventually benefit our society as previous Nationalities have. The Jewish people filled the East End of London, they became established then moved to the suburbs. Pakistani immigrants took the area over and it is so intense that for example some street names are displayed in Punjabi rather than English. This population will probably make way for Romanians (my guess) and the Bulgarians will operate in various capital Cities elsewhere.

My main fear is that there will not be enough work for them. I see them being filmed in their own Countries saying ‘all we want to do is work’. They often think that they will slot into a job then buy a house and move up, but the work is just not there for most of them. I hope they are as hard working and industrious as the Pakistani’s then after 10 years or so it will settle down, but I fear not, I hope I am wrong.


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