Kent Police have purchased some software from California which is supposed to predict crime hotspots thereby enabling them to direct their officers better. This was tried in London some years ago where historic crimes were entered into the system and red blips appeared in postcode/zipcode areas. Despite great fanfares this did not improve crime rates nor will the new Kent initiative.

Local uniformed bobbies on the beat generally know the crime hotspots, hospital car parks, late night drinking establishments and the locality, poor housing estates etc. and most of all juvenile criminals. The bobbies are directed when they go out on shift but they generally buzz around in cars chatting to each other, this can be seen. They don’t seem to notice anything when walking around. I normally watch the eyes of an officer I am near, the don’t dart around looking for information, the culture seems to be totally reactive. I blame this on supervision. A lot of crime reduction rests on the shoulders of the Sergeant on duty, these Officers need to ‘wind up’ the beat patrol, arrive early for work, research the crime books, speak to the CID and the Collator/Beat Crimes desk and prepare a thorough briefing. The Sergeant should then be out there checking everyone is in place and looking ‘ready eyes’ we called it. Thoughts of promotion and how to get into different departments should be put aside while out on the streets.

Most Officers have an idea of their career path so those who fancy for example Child Protection will not be looking out for burglars, frankly they won’t really care, budding traffic patrol officers will be concentrating on cars and motorbikes, others will be drifting along thinking of their stomachs. While such stuff is very important it should not detract from basic street duties, the staff are paid to do a directed job and the Sergeant should be pushing them all the way.

This is the same with the CID, they should be briefing their uniformed colleagues and making ‘street arrests’ themselves not just reacting to reports. Everyone seems to be ‘reacting’ it’s the lazy way of doing the job. I know some senior officers who have never made an arrest unless forced upon them, they have never been to Court and faced hostile cross examination, never seen a body cut up in a post mortem and here they are ‘supervising’ junior staff to go out there and cut down crime.

A piece of software will not help but ‘ready eyes’ will





Immigration. The big picture (Dan Crawley)

On January 1st. 2014 Bulgarians and Romanians will be entitled to come to the United Kingdom freely to work. We are all holding our breath wondering what problems this will bring us. Crime, Doctor’s surgeries and Schools overwhelmed, a lack of housing, stealing. homelessness, cheap labour on the black market, money from the Government (us) for nothing and more problems.. but what benefits do they bring? My Mother was a Lithuanian immigrant with her parents and siblings in the early part of the Century, they would have been murdered if they had stayed in their own Country. They all worked and my Mother became a very good Nurse, they paid their taxes for many years and brought up children that did the same and also played an important part in the community, two fingers up to those people who gave them a very hard time when they came here.

I hope people in Government have got their finger on the pulse and worked out that these people will eventually benefit our society as previous Nationalities have. The Jewish people filled the East End of London, they became established then moved to the suburbs. Pakistani immigrants took the area over and it is so intense that for example some street names are displayed in Punjabi rather than English. This population will probably make way for Romanians (my guess) and the Bulgarians will operate in various capital Cities elsewhere.

My main fear is that there will not be enough work for them. I see them being filmed in their own Countries saying ‘all we want to do is work’. They often think that they will slot into a job then buy a house and move up, but the work is just not there for most of them. I hope they are as hard working and industrious as the Pakistani’s then after 10 years or so it will settle down, but I fear not, I hope I am wrong.

Euthanasia V Hanging which one is best?

Mr.Snape and Mr.Powsey, sounds like people out of a Dickens book. You can imagine a couple of dirty vagabonds hanging around dark alleys with cudgel to beat and rob the local gentry and steal their fob watch. Eventually they would get caught drunk somewhere, go to the Old Bailey and hung. I don’t think anyone missed them, their wife’s were probably beaten and the children prostitutes. which was very  common in Victorian times.

Mr. S and Mr. P are modern day street thieves. This time they robbed some shopkeepers and managed to steal a total of £30,000. They have been sentenced to 23 years imprisonment because they had many previous convictions. There are two points:-

a) Was it worth it? £15,000 each. My experience with armed robbers is fairly extensive, they steal about £10,000 and go on holiday for a Month then come back broke aching for the good life, they rob a few more times and get caught followed by lengthy imprisonment.

b) Hang S & P? A lot of people would agree. At least they should be treated so they can’t have children because they are normally trouble to everyone from a young age. Three strikes and out, three convictions and no more kids.  The times are often where children of criminal have no fear of the law and prison because their parents laugh openly about the system even though secretly they are scared.

What do you think?

IT’S UNFAIR ON MEN (Dan Crawley)

I’m not talking about the rights of men to see their children after divorce which is often abused by the Mother but the way women are given softer sentences in Courts.

I recently mentioned a contact of mine that was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a major fraud. I think I agree with this sentence because he took money from friends and relatives (not me luckily) also elderly people lost their life’s savings and pension pots. The reason I am writing this is to point out that his co thief, his Sister In Law, only got 5 years. She was involved as much as him, she was an ex bank manager who got the trust of people and took an equal share of the money.

Why did she only get 5 years? It’s because she is a woman purely that. I say this because I have seen many female criminals over the years sentenced to much less than they deserve. For example I have been involved with some murders of their partners by vicious women. They often say they have been abused and pushed to their limits but this is not generally the case, they are often drunken/drug taking people who have that defence suggested to them by their legal team. This is often done so that there is not a guilty plea by the woman but a costly trial whereby the Solicitors and Barristers make a lot of money. Sure there was an argument which on this occasion may have been started by the man but what about the numerous arguments started by the woman causing him to injure or kill her? I don’t think I have ever heard of this type of defence put forward by a man and if it were then I’m sure the jury wouldn’t believe him. It’s always (in my experience) the woman that gets found not guilty or gets a very light sentence.

It’s virtually impossible to get any statistics in such cases but I can assure you that there are many murderers walking around out there ad if they have a trial and the jury find them ‘not guilty’ the person often says ‘I was proved innocent’ which is not the case. Juries should be able to return verdicts of ‘guilty’ ‘not guilty’ or ‘not proven’ .

Watch out for the murderers out there. There’s one behind you ‘Oh no there isn’t’  ‘Oh yes there is’. Have you booked your pantomime seats yet?

Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice is a massive, very old Courthouse situated in The Strand fairly near Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square in Central London. There are about 100 separate Court Rooms within. The building has lots of turrets and old winding stone staircases. You can imagine yourself in Victorian times when standing in one of the big halls in front of a massive stone fireplace. The old Judges and wigged Counsel are standing around or having little meetings reminiscent of a hundred years ago. The Courts deal with appeals against prison sentence or immigration disputes at the highest level, famous people have their divorces there and judgements are made costing people millions plus many other unusual and high profile cases, all very interesting

Today I was bodyguard to a man who is trying to get a famous person to face trial for defaming him and lying to send him to prison. As normal there were a lot of photographers outside hoping to get the £5000 picture. The person I was with also had to pose whilst I kept lookout, something like those protecting the President of the USA, (well not quite) but I decided that I would take a bullet for him if necessary. He has been involved in a few incidents not necessarily the guy he is accusing but perhaps friends of his, it’s a long and interesting story, he is writing a book and hopes for a film.

Nothing happened I’m pleased to say and the Three Judges dealing with the application will make a decision in a couple of weeks.

Back home to the normal life with the family trying to get the kids to bed when they don’t want to go.

Rasom Email spams

There is a looming major problem mainly for small businesses. An email seemingly sent from a reputable financial institution arrives with an attachment. Once you open it a message appears that you are being held to ransom. Your files are encrypted (unreadable) until you pay two bitcoins and instructions for this are given. This costs you about £536. Even after paying this ransom they just leave the files encrypted.

The best thing to do is:-  update your virus software; Back up all your files; Disconnect from the internet if it gets through and contact professional help.

I think this advice goes for a lot of unknown attachments.

Beware of Fraudsters

I have a good friend who has a relation who has the first name Mathew. This man is a laugh a minute, happy, helpful, kind looking and looks you in the eye when talking to you and leads a very modest lifestyle.

Today I read in the newspaper that he has gone to prison after pleading guilty to stealing £2 million. Mathew and his female bank manager accomplice worked a Ponzi scheme whereby they promise huge Monthly interest payments on investments. The interest payments come from new investors. It works well until someone asks for their initial outlay back and there is no money available in the kitty it has all been spent or salted away. This has badly damaged savers some of whom have lost their life savings or pension money.

You never know do you? It’s a bit like peodophiles, they worm their way into your family giving great praise about your children and then look what happens.

Do not trust anyone until 100% sure.

Interesting Detective techniques

I have been talking to a quite amazing Private Detective who opened my eyes to a new World. For many years I have been conducting surveillance operations. They normally start at an unearthly hour to ensure the person hasn’t let before you stake the place out. Once the whole team hung around for 12 hours not knowing if the bloke was even at home, we eventually saw him leave (and lost him soon after!). The man I met recently asked me why I didn’t get the name of the previous tenant, get the house phone number and ring up asking for him, at least we would have known the target or someone was indoors. I couldn’t work out how he could get this information, he showed me, it’s legal and easy to navigate around once you know how. This was just one of the many tricks he showed me.

Have a look at and scroll to favourites where you will find a list of intelligence gathering websites. The art is picking out clues from one website and adding bits from another. It’s legal but only UK based. I’m going on a course soon to train up in this art. Previously in the Police we had excellent resources where many Government computers were linked, I would normally just ask an officer to find a target and the information would soon come back to me but now I am out of that World I have to do it myself.

An interesting life. Call me if you want free advice on criminal matters.


I notice Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed (MAM) is still at large. The suspected Terrorist was being followed/monitored whilst on bail. He went into a mosque and escaped wearing woman’s clothes.

Years ago I spoke to a pensioner Copper whom I used to visit at an old peoples home. He was blinded at the age of 30 by a German bomb in London. He told me all sorts of stories about Policing in the old days without radios and on foot, only the Sergeant had transport but on the odd special occasion he was allowed to ride his bike on duty. He had to wear his uniform to and fro work.

But anyway, back to the story, this Coppers job was to arrest Germans living in his area during the Second World War. He knew some of them who were often nice, hardworking people but regarded as the enemy so had to go to concentration camps. I think that was necessary action. Also vital was the locking up of known Irish Terrorists in the Sixties. Every day in prison saved the lives of innocent people and prevented bank robberies, drug dealing and other major crimes.

I’m not sure about this but I think there should be a serious debate about locking up some of the latest terrorists like MAM without trial. He is clearly an enemy of the state but his ‘Human rights’ protect him. In my opinion we should trust MI5 and MI6 much more than we do, they should be able to name certain terrorists and they get detained. I know it is a hot potato but the Americans are doing it in Guantanamo and facing down their critics. Just think how many lives this has saved, how many children have not lost limbs from their indiscriminate bombs.

I know it’s far away from that but as a Senior Detective in London part of my job was to arrest burglars and drug dealers. We knew who they were but had to catch them committing the crime. Some burglars were thieving two or three times a day, destroying people’s lives in some cases. Informants, intelligence, and technical assistance told us what was going on and when the person was locked up the crime rate in that area plummeted. Should not there be a panel of responsible people set up who could hear all the sensitive facts and order that person to be locked up? Perhaps for a few weeks.

The Secret State? Big Brother? I agree with it in certain circumstances because it would prevent crime. So long as the prisoners were not abused or tortured. What about MAM? A surveillance team were monitoring him. I won’t say anything about the size of such teams or their tactics but these brilliant people could be well used in other areas rather than monitor the likes of MAM and people like him, 24 hours a day. I also don’t know the information on MAM but I bet if he was up before ‘The Panel’ they would have certainly locked him up.

Slightly radical



You know all this but I want to say it anyway at this special time of the year.

We will remember those millions of service people that died so that we could live a free life without being abused and murdered by Germans, Japanese, fanatical Muslims and other terrorists around the World. Our people plus Polish, Indian, Australian and all the others who died in 1914 – 18 and from then on, thousands upon thousands, while we worry about our money and bigger houses they are still being blown up and suffering in hospitals with missing limbs and trauma.

I will be in front of the telly tomorrow at 11 am wearing my poppy and shedding a few tears.